Truck Washes

Back in 1990 when the interest rate was climbing into the OMG numbers Pressure Systems had 3 down payments to manufacture Truck Washes.  The first was delivered to New Mexico and we have our truck driver stay overnight to wait on payment because the person receiving said just unload and we will get you a check.?HELLO?  I received the call and said keep a lock on the system until a certified check is in hand and then have it bank transferred to our account or just come back home and they can pick it up here.  With the writing on the wall that the economy was going to tank the other two people wanted their down payments back which to what I informed them that we had purchased equipment and had kept workers on the payroll to produce the washes for them and for them to please look at the contract that they had signed.  This was in August and we had just had a very good month.  The next month was 25% of the previous months sales and I was hopping all over the place trying to cut back on overhead and personnel.  It was painful but we made it.  Since those times we have built 3 other truck washes one in Tucson one in Hermosillo and one in Wilcox.  If you desire to get into that business give us a call.  Should you only require a pump to be rebuilt or a machine to operate we have been available for the past 50 years and intend on keeping on the go…Bill


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