The Ice Cube

The Ice Cube - Outdoor cooling system

The Ice Cube

“Ultimate Outdoor Cooling System”

We believe that the use of a high pressure water pump to obtain temperature inversion results, started a new industry.

Bill, the owner of P.S.I. has been working with water systems for 50 years now.  He assembled the P.S.I. team and a new corporation to explore the many styles of pumps. When the correct one was found the cooling results was perfected.

6 Year Warranty!  Superior Engineering Design.

In 2015, we have a scientifically proven solution to the ultimate outdoor cooling scenario. The Ice Cube.

With the engineering upgrades and the advent of low decibel sound attenuation, the atmospheric cooling quality is now at the highest SEER rating currently available.

MistAir calls the product “The ICE CUBE”!  This cooling machine has the longest warranties in the industry.  This is ideally important in the extreme Arizona weather conditions.

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When you order The Ice Cube™ Outdoor Cooling System

ADD a pressure cleaning wand as an accessory.

misting and pressure washer

Your hose emits 8 gallons per minute which makes watering the flowers easy. The pressure cleaning feature cleans many household chores with only 2 G.P.M @ 1200 P.S.I

The attributes are:

  • Composite base plate. 
  • Stainless Steel installation tubing. 
  • Stainless Steel take apart cleanable pressure nozzles. 
  • Static water supply with by-pass cooling. 
  • Thermo-formed refractory insulation.
  • Anti-vibration isolating fasteners, harmonic attenuating internal line tube, quiet low revolution pump drive for longevity.

    Competitor's units will rust and won't last. Hoses, gauges, motor, will be corroded on the first summer.

    Competitor’s units will rust and won’t last. Hoses, gauges, motor, will be corroded on the beginning  of the first summer.

PSI has innovations engineered for longevity.

When it comes to your outdoor comfort “The ICE CUBE”and Curtains of Ice, opens up your patio and yard for enjoyment.  “Our uniqueness is your value” 


With The Ice Cube we protect your investment with a SIX YEAR WARRANTY.

The new generation on outdoor AC.

“I am introducing a new mist product call The “ICE CUBE”.  It is made out of composite technology and a thermo-formed cabinet with The Silence mode pump system”.

Bill Sommers.

 Suggestions to achieve perfect results:  We use industrial rated 12-24 threaded nozzles not home owner 1000 psi nozzles, .006 orifice nozzles do not put out the correct amount of water and the mist is susceptible to any wind especially around a volley ball court.  The smallest would be 8 mm and that dispenses .023 gallons per minute each so 100 nozzles requires a 2.3 GPM operational pump and at 1250 PSI requires a 2 H.P. motor on a dedicated 115 V 20 AMP circuit.