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CHANGING the THINK Process on Surface Cleaning

It is just as vitally important to pay attention to the mechanical means of #cleaning as it is to How Much an Hour is it costing you to do surface cleaning.  We all know the adage that TIME is MONEY but do we respect this and do we honor it. The good old boy’s verbiage like “We have always done it this way and it works”.  Is in many terms a Thing of the Past.  Now how does this correlate to Surface Cleaning?  Lets make a few assumptions.
Concrete Dirty – Concrete has impregnated oil and hydrocarbons – even Gum and other residue.  There is 10,000 square feet in this shape.  What tools do we require to bring the surface up to tolerable levels of cleanliness?  Here is a list of available choices:

#PressureCleaning #PowerWasher, where Gallons per minute is more important than perceived gage pressure. 4 gpm @ 2500 is the minimum get by and 6 gpm @ 4000 psi is optimal because force of the system requires to be controlled by a human. The hottest water up to 235 degrees measured at the #nozzle.  Cold showers are for another problem.

Portable high pressure hard surface accessory.  Used in lieu of the standard cleaning #wand, increases the ability to cover a large cleaning area rapidly without damage to the Concrete and produces the appearance of an even clean to the surface.  Currently these are available in various configurations.  One thing to be aware of is the B.S. of a manufacturer touting numbers that are not cognizant with reality.  One actually says that the cleaning nozzles are traveling at 36 hundred revolutions per minute.  All that would do is produce a fine droplet mist with little or no impact on the surface.  How to get the most bang for your buck is to actually test the various ones on the market and available locally.  4 gpm @ 3000 psi is the minimum impact required to do a job without striping.  Everything is appraised upon how fast can you go and how wide a cleaning path you make.  With a minimum impact unit 24 inches in diameter and minimum specifications of 4@3000 travel time is X amount of hours to do 10,000 feet__________.


IMPORTANT then is how many hours you save and can you get two jobs in during the allotted time frame using 6gpm@ 4000 psi. Calculate this over a years’ time…


These machines come as floaters, casters, wheelers.  Each has a purpose.  Materials are fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel.  Again what is the purpose?  The quality of the rotating union has to be considered and employs the most serious function on longevity.  Replacement is also fairly pricey.


Chemical or not to Chemical “that is the question”.

Considerations; #1, How to apply it? What do you want to remove? Is it high Alkaline and it kills plants or Acid PH and it removes surface float and etches. What is the cost per square foot and is that figured in the Invoice?  Does the company you purchase from have the expertise to direct you?

#2 Waste water contamination.  At some point in your cleaning life you will have that aspect of what to do with the dirty water in contention.  There are many means of containment and  disposing of the problem. They all need to be checked out for your determination and compatibility of your equipment.  This is a large chapter, so find a person or company that has the know how to keep you out of trouble.  The following are items you need experience in to make choices.  Gum removal rotating impact nozzle.  Dual Lance pressure adjusting wand.  Flow and PSI rating of Trigger gun.  Nozzle chart so that you optimize the machines ability to get the job done safely, quickly, and without harming the sub-surface.  What style of hose reels vs. cost.  Length of hose and how length effects performance because of flow restrictions with known gpm and psi.

This is a consortium of knowledge required to have Concrete surfaces come out as the customer expects.  For each style and different surfaces that require cleaning there is additional paragraphs and knowledge needed to “get the job done” properly and leave some change in your pocket for every day events like eating. One of your choices in the Arizona Territory would be www.Pressure Systems



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