On top of the 50 years and three generation of good reputation, here are some reviews from some of our customers.

Reviews Yelp

Excellent customer service, very reliable company. The owner works with you hands on and he (Bill) is the most experienced person I know when it comes to pressure systems. If you need a “certain part” Roger knows exactly how to get it for you. Honesty and free advice is not something you see often this days, it feels good to work with good people. Bere C.


After having services for 6 months now, I have tested the professionalism and expertise of Pressure Systems Inc. After every service I started feeling more confident and at ease. Highly recommended Pressure Systems Inc to everybody! Patricia S


They were there to the rescue when my machine broke down in the middle of a large project that I am in charge of. I thought it was the belt but when their delivery guys of the spare parts came who happened to have knowledge of my High pressure pump, he realized it was more complicated than I had thought. Good thing they also have the spares and helped me all the way, thanks guys!  Blake W


I am a single mom with a lot of things to do with my business so I have no time cleaning my house. Until I found out that molds are also living in our pad! I immediately called my friend and ask if she knows someone who can do the job for me and then she recommended PSI. I called them immediately and they processed my concern ASAP which is very great and helpful. May Y


MistAir and Pressure Systems Inc. have made a very positive impact at the Edens family home.  The mister system has brought life back to our back yard and pool.  We now have family and friends activity on a regular basis during the hot summer months.  The impact can be measured in how many people stay outside vs. retreating to the family room in the comfort of the AC.  MistAir provided a high quality product and installation and is appreciated by all. The same team installed a High Pressure Washer and it is unbelievable.  Keeping our cars clean is a must and the washer does a great job.  After one of our wonderful dust storms it makes washing the cars, house and patio/sidewalk surfaces go much faster and with excellent results.As you can see we are very pleased with the products, but that does not top the service and support provided by the MistAir and the Pressure Systems Inc. team.  They are professionals and experts in their field.  The Edens family could not be more pleased with our investment. Bob Edens


The Delco pressure washer I bought from Pressure Systems, Inc. has managed to perform beyond my expectations. I use it all around the house almost everyday, whether it’s for cleaning my car, the lawn, or the driveway. Katherine Christensen


My business relies heavily on the services of Pressure Systems, Inc. We have been in partnership with the company for several years now and until this day, we are still very much satisfied with the work of its people. We have no intention of going to another firm because we value the commitment and hard work that they have been giving us. Kudos!Sally Williams

Looking for cleaning tools replacement parts can be tricky. I make sure that I buy replacement parts that matches my stuff really good because buying a replacement that won’t go with your device on a whim without thinking will do you more harm than good. Another issue with replacement parts: not all stores carry what you have. So I was thankful I found Pressure Systems, Inc. They have a teeming parts department and there was an assortment of brands too. I have kind words for the staff as well. They were open-minded and personable, informative about their merchandise as well. More power to Pressure Systems, Inc! Agatha Alanis


I can’t believe how much information and help I received when I called. These guys know their stuff, and everything I needed they had on hand in their parts department. When we wanted to improve the efficiency of our systems Bill and Chris knew what we needed and gave us a great prices. When ever I buy anything pressure system related I make sure I call these guys. Bob Roberts, Phoenix AZ.


I want to tell everyone how good these guys are in pressure cleaning. I’ve been a patriot of PSI for almost 2 years now and we have no plans of changing them because they’ve shown us great results since we’ve hired them. Myke Zuchini


The Spot cooling system that I purchased from them really does work. I ordered two for my patio and now all my friends want some for their houses. We live in the Phoenix area and we know what heat and humidity is all about. It really made a difference and the price is reasonable. Kaila Cromwell



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