Pressure Washing Business Start Up

Pressure Washing Business Start Up

Starting From Scratch / 41 Proven and Profitable Markets


Are you thinking of starting a small pressure washer business to help clean up the world and make a little money? Pressure Washing Business Start Up can cost you little or no money down.

You might be surprised how many mobile pressure washer companies there are in the United States; approximately 45,000 of them. And since God made dirt on the Third Day; Genesis 1:9-1:12. Obviously since God created the dirt it keeps getting all over everything and thus a business was born.

Starting a Mobile Pressure Washing Business is not as difficult as you think. It is important to decide what types of things you would like to wash and specialize in a few.

Here is a list of potential items to wash, think about it. What do you want to wash today?

1. Antique, classic cars
2. Automobile dealerships
3. Auto detailing
4. Airport runways
5. Amusement parks
6. Awnings
7. Block walls
8. Camping grounds
9. Cemetery headstones
10. Concrete
11. Detailing
12. Docks and boat slips
13. Dog runs
14. Drive-thrus
15. Driveways
16. Farming equipment
17. Fire damage
18. Graffiti removal
19. Gutters
20. Historical buildings
21. Hoods, restaurants
22. Horse stables
23. House prepping
24. Industrial machinery
25. Kitchens
26. Mobile homes
27. Paint prepping
28. Paint removal
29. Parking garages
30. Pavement sealers
31. Pool decks
32. Port-a-potties
33. Restaurants
34. Sandblasting
35. Service stations
36. Shopping carts
37. Stadiums
38. Store fronts
39. Swimming pools
40. Tennis courts
41. Window washing

We can help with your Pressure Washing Business Start Up !

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