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The Low Bid – Is it right for you?

A pressure washing equipment customer we had quoted called us recently for help. Hey had gone with the low bid and now they had a problem. The seller stated that they didn’t have time for the problem and besides how could they expect good service when the price had been so low.

If you find our price is a bit higher make sure the low bidder is not cutting corners by eliminating items or substituting inferior parts.

Maybe the low bidder has decided to profit less and make it up in volume.

This business philosophy is in a lot of places now a days. Remember he has to pay the same for his truck and fuel. Quality tools cost money and so do liability insurance, workman’s comp you see the scenario. Many low bidders have no idea of the cost involved and often go out of business as a result. The difference in price is often in what they pay their mechanics. They have a tough time attracting skilled technicians. So the answer to the question, how much do you charge per hour is double barreled.

While our technician completes the job in one hour at a higher price the low paid unskilled tech takes two hours and ends up costing you almost double for the same job.

The novice is willing to work cheap and this ends up costing you more.

Low bidders use answering machines or worse, answering services and cell phones. They do not have support staff.

They live job to job and often you are paying up front and the money is used to finish the last job.

Remember if the low bidder can’t afford to do the job right, he certainly can’t afford to do the job twice.

Pressure washing equipment bids are our daily bread! contact us if you would like us to quote any of your projects.

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