Pressure Washers Service, pumps & motors.

We warranty that you will not find a better service or advice in the Valley, 50 years experience and three generations of good reputation.

Pressure Systems has a complete on-site Service and Repair Department for the following areas:

Waste Water Treatment Machines (all brands)

Effluent Recovery

Industrial Reclamation Sites (we come to you)

Pressure Washers (wall mounted, trailers or portable)

Hose and Guns for Pressure Washers

Power washers at home

Bio Chemical Waste Water Recovery Machines (we manufacture)

Water Reclaim (Service, Repair and Manufacture)

Re-use of Water systems (customized equipment)

Mobile Reclaim and Recovery (all sizes)


Sewer Jetters

Wash Water Management

Car Wash Equipment

Industrial and Residential Misting Pumps, Motors and lines

Misting Nozzles cleanup and replacement

Water Systems of all type

50 Years Of Equipment Diagnosis Experience

(We’ll find what’s wrong and give you the best, and most economical way – To Fix It.)

The Smartest Thing To Do – Is To Give Us A Call

To Get Things Started Take A Look At This

“What To Look For List”

If You Want A Handy Copy, Print Out The PDF 
And Keep It On The Wall Of Your Shop Or Trailer

Check list for Service Department:


  1. Wrong size orifice
  2. Partially plugged
  3. Worn out


  1. Run over and squashed
  2. Inside tube swollen smaller

Pressure UnLoader: there are 4 types

  1. Get the one engineered for your machine
  2. Normally malfunctions before pump does
  3. Critical to be set with a gauge

 Pump Oil:

  1. Oil leaks need to be fixed
  2. Oil level halfway on site glass
  3. Must use recommended pump oil
  4. Change oil every year or 500 hours
  5. Milky oil means pump seals are out = no pressure

 Pump Parts:

  1. Dripping water equals high pressure seal replacement = no pressure
  2. Check valves
  3. Cavitated metal surfaces
  4. Broken springs
  5. Melted plastic = no pressure

Broken Springs:

  1. Yes
  2. No

Melted Plastic

  1. Yes
  2. No

Motors / Engines:

Electrical: Call PSI

Heat Exchange Coil

  1. You must have gauges to determine back pressure and scale deposit restrictions
  2. Evidentiary lower pressures
  3. Everything else OK call PSI for descale with separate acid pump


  1. Bad fuel
  2. Wrong fuel
  3. Transformer out check for spark
  4. Fuel pump low pressure, need gauge
  5. Need gauge inlet screw plugged
  6. When in doubt put in new nozzle


  1. You could have low amperage problems
  2. Inadvertent water supply
  3. Algae in system
  4. Wrong chemical
  5. Cheap chemicals
  6. Plugged or torn filter screen



“When in doubt give a shout”
“Put a smile in your heart, it will end on your face.”

What To Look For Before You Call PSI On Repairs
Call PSI for a Quote or Advice // 602-253-9579 

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