Hydrotek Phoenix Distributor

HydroTek Phoenix Distributor

hydrotek phoenix distrobutor

HydroTek Phoenix Distributor working with water systems since 1965. No one will offer you a best service, warranties or value for your money, like we do. 602 253 9579 

hydrotek phoenix distributor

Warranty Repairs: As a rule, HydroTek Phoenix Distributor are independently owned and operated.

Other than those customers that they personally sold product to, they are not obligated to perform warranty service on HydroTek machines that were purchased elsewhere. Because of this, there may be an occasion when you may have to return to your point of purchase to satisfy warranty requirements.
HydroTek Phoenix Distributor Service:
Although many distributors do service products not purchased at their place of business, they will usually take special care of their own customers.

HydroTek Phoenix Distributor Relationship:
Local purchases allow you to establish a relationship with your local Distributor. This relationship provides you with a convenient location for support and service from a “home town” pressure washer professional.
HydroTek Phoenix Distributor Training and Advice:

The opportunity for a complete pre-delivery inspection and training is an additional benefit of purchasing your pressure washer from your local distributor. This also allows the distributor to get to know you better thereby being able to offer the best possible service and advice.


Mildew Removal Cleaner
Moss Removal & Cleaner
Sidewalk & Concrete Cleaner
Model – SC30009KAF

Public and private facilities need to be kept clean to present a positive impression to your customers and clients. Hydro Tek pressure washers offer multiple solutions for all your facilities maintenance needs. We can help you keep all your facilities clean, from an apartment building to a football stadium, we have pressure washers that can handle the job.


Grease Removal
Radiator Cleaning
Heavy Equipment Washer
Model SC40006D12

Environmental Cleanup Wash shorelines and vessels
Model SC35006DAF

Truck Bed Liner Remover
Graffiti Removal
Metal Prep Cleaner
Model SC35008KAF

Oil Rig Clean Up
Drilling Equipment Washer
Heavy Duty Rated
Model SC30006D12

Portable Rig Cleaner
Drilling Bit Cleaner
Pipe Cleaner
Model SS30004DH

Steam / Hot / Cold Water – Self Contained: Diesel Heated, Diesel Engine, 12v Burner
The SS Series is a power washer that uses the 12-volt charging system on the engine to power the diesel-fired burner
giving you continuous hot water. Its compact size allows passage through standard doorways, and simple design
makes it easy to run and maintain. The SS series is versatile, you select a mounting option: on a trailer, on a truck, on
wheels or stationary. The SS Series has the output to perform heavy duty cleaning without needing any outside
electrical power. Simply turn the key for high pressure, hot cleaning strength. An invaluable piece of equipment for
property management companies, farmers, mechanics or anyone requiring a mobile cleaning solution for dirt, grease,
and grime.

Hydro Tek the ultimate in pressure washing equipment!

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Stainless Steel Coil Housing & Inner wrap:

Stainless Steel Panels:

NEMA4 – Water Tight Control Panel:

CAT® Belt Driven Pump:

Rugged “Pro-Tect-It” Frame:

UL/CSA Conformance:

Choose wise, choose HydroTek Phoenix Distributor in Arizona.

HydroTek Phoenix Distributor

Factory Authorized Distributors –  Pressure Washer Service Centers & Repair Center

We encourage you to support your local distributor and pressure washer service centers, and to create a relationship with them. They will become a valuable resource for your business. There are many advantages that your local pressure washer repair center will be able to offer you. Not only are they able to offer you pressure washer sales and service but they will also be your go-to focal point for any questions or advice that you may need.

Pressure Washer Repair Center: In the event that you should need warranty repair done on your pressure washer, your local pressure washer repair center will serve as the authorized warranty center to minimize your downtime and quickly get you back up and running. For superior pressure washer repair service including quality workmanship and personalized attention, turn to your local authorized pressure washer sales & service centers. Factory authorized service centers cater to your needs by providing on-site and in-house repair services.

Pressure Washer Sales & Service Center : Factory Authorized pressure washer service centers have trained service technicians who attend factory training on pressure washer sales and service. Many have decades of experience to perform pressure washer repair and service. They have a wealth of knowledge, fleet of service trucks and vital resources that can help you minimize your downtime and maximize your profits by making sure your pressure washing equipment is operating at its optimum level helping you clean faster and get the job done more efficiently.  Contact your local distributor to have your pressure washer serviced on a routine basis.

Relationship: By purchasing from your local sales & service centers, you keep your dollars in the local economy, which helps grow your local community. You will also be able to develop a long-lasting relationship with your local pressure washer sales, service & repair center who will be able to help you match the proper equipment to your application, troubleshoot problems that you may run into, and provide expert advice on the local trends and economic situations in your industry.

Training: Your local pressure washer sales and service center will be able to provide you with expert training on the proper operation and maintenance of your pressure washing equipment. By keeping up on routine maintenance procedures, you will help ensure that your pressure washer will be operating properly when you need it the most. They can also train you and your employees on proper safety procedures, and how to maintain compliance with local regulations. They can also match your pressure washing application with compatible accessories and detergents that you may need or even be able to assist you in equipping your pressure washer in order to provide other services allowing you to expand your business and services or make your existing job easier.

Call 602 253 9579

Or email info@psi-mistair.com

Need information about specific products from HydroTek?

Download information sheets by clicking on these links or call for us to send you via regular mail the information, se habla español. We are authorized distributors of Hydrotek in Phoenix.















HydroTek Phoenix Distributor -Frequently Asked Pressure Washer Questions

From HydroTek’s Experts

How Much pressure and flow do I need?

Around the house:
To clean around your house, wash your siding, wash your car (Most Coin-Op car washes have about 700psi), or clean your deck you probably only need 1,500 to 2,000 PSI For concrete cleaning or to clean barnacles off boat hulls you would be better off with 3,000 PSI

Commercial / Industrial use:
As a commercial contractor you need at least 3,000 PSI in order to be fully productive.   Flow is important for rinsing horizontal surfaces or powering surface cleaning machines, such as our Hydro Twister. If you are cleaning vertical surfaces, or excess water is a problem, a low flow/high-psi unit is possibly the better option.

For a given amount of horsepower you can only get so much pressure and flow.   Pressure is good for cleaning, but to rinse you need flow to push the dirt across the horizontal surface.  If what you are cleaning comes off easily, but you need to push a lot of dirt — cleaning animal enclosures or sidewalks for example — then you need a high-flow unit.  Click here to see our Horsepower Requirements Chart.

What size spray tip do I need? I have a pressure washer rated for 3000 psi and 6 gpm. How do I know what “size” tip to buy?

The spray tip may be the most important part of the pressure washer. They range in size from 2.0 – 15.0. If the tip size is to big, you will experience pressure loss. The same thing happens if you move your thumb over the opening of a running garden hose. The bigger you make the opening of the garden hose, the less pressure you get.

If the spray tip is to small, you may experience the following:

  • Higher pressure
  • Higher amp draw
  • Belt slippage
  • Hotter water discharge
  • Premature motor / pump / unloader wear
  • Less discharge flow
  • Here is the calculation for nozzle size:

Or in you case 3000psi / 6.0gpm SQRT(4000/3000)x6.0


4000/3000 = 1.333

SQRT 1.333 = 1.1547

1.1547 x 6.0 = 6.928

Round up the 6.928 to 7.0

7.0 will be the required nozzle size for this machine.


Do I need a Hot or Cold water pressure washer?

Cold water:
Cold water pressure washers can be used to successfully clean many objects and surfaces through a combination of impact of the spray and the application of cleaning chemicals and soaps. Cold water is generally used where grease and oil are not a factor, but with the right chemicals grease and oil can  still be effectively dealt with.  Consult a Hydro Tek dealer near you for the best advice in the application of cleaning chemicals.

Hot water:
We know from washing dishes that hot water makes cleaning easier, especially if we are cleaning greases, oils, or petrochemicals. Cold water can only be as effective if the proper cleaning chemicals are also used. Hot water can often make cleaning faster by loosening dirt, gum, grease and oil.  Most hot water units use  diesel or kerosene to heat the pressurized water in a heavy duty heating coil. The heating coil and burner system makes the hot water unit much heavier, more complex and more difficult to maintain than a cold water unit. To run the burner system the unit requires electricity.  So unless the unit uses a self-contained power source such as a battery or generator (Like our SC, SS and SM series) , you have to plug the hot water unit in (Like our HG, HD & HN series). cleaning washing buses, trucks, aircraft and vessels hydrotek phoenix

Can you pick a pressure washer on performance alone?

No. The first step in picking a pressure washer is determining how much performance you need to get the job done. How much pressure? How much flow? Do you need hot or cold water? Is gas, diesel or electric power better, safer, quieter, or  cheaper. Once you have decided upon these factors, discussed in the other sections, you need to pick a product. Pressure washers with the same power plant will have similar performance, for example an 11 HP gas engine unit will typically produce at least 3,000 PSI and 4 gpm So it is often difficult to decide between different products except on price.Quality is what sets one pressure washer apart from another. Two pressure washers offered by two different manufacturers may have similar performance in terms of pressure and flow but will be quite different in terms of quality of components and unit configuration. They will also vary in price. When buying a pressure washer selecting the correct performance for the cleaning job at hand is just the first step.  The second step is looking at the quality of construction and the quality of the components.

Hydro Tek machines offer advantages over other brands because of their quality construction.  Hydro Tek uses stainless steel for all the control and safety panels.   Our coils are wrapped in stainless steel to prevent rust. Our Ultimate Line uses the quieter, slower running, longer lasting belt drive pumps.  We use stainless steel and heavy duty powder coated steel tubing to make our frames resist rust and outlast the competition.   Our individual components are the best that market has to offer.  We test all our components extensively before we allow them to become part of our machines.

cleaning and washing Golf Course, Resort Hotels, Casinos, Theme Parks, Cruise Ships, Stadiums, Restaurants

What is the difference between Vertical and Horizontal Coils?

Most premium pressure washers feature Horizontal style coils while vertical coils can be found on lower cost alternatives. When determining which style to purchase you should consider some of the environmental factors that can affect the burner and coil performance. When exposed to rain, Vertical coils tend to trap small amounts of water at the base of the coil where the burner is located – causing the base plate to rust and potentially causing malfunctions in the burner. Vertical coils typically position the burners closer to the ground than horizontal models leaving the burner open to environmental hazards close to the ground. On a horizontal model you will find that the coil insulation will remain in place while vertical coil insulation can sag over time. Soot is another significant consideration when determining coil orientation. On vertical models gravity can pull soot into the burner nozzles causing a clog and uneven or poor heating while on horizontal models the soot is dropped away from the burner increasing the reliability of the burner. Hydro Tek utilizes Horizontal style coils exclusively on the Ultimate and ProLine machines.

cleaning washing Agriculture Livestock Hog, Poultry, Dairy, Cattle, Wine, Crops, Kennels, Zoos, Equestrian Centers

What is the difference between Belt Drive and Direct Drive pumps?

Belt-Drive: Most commonly found on industrial models, a CAT belt driven pump is ideal for cleaning applications requiring 40 + hours of use per week. The belt connecting the engine or motor with the high-pressure pump dissipates the heat and vibration, minimizes the wear and thus the repair on key components, and extends the life of the pump by reducing the RPM demand.
Direct-Drive: For applications not requiring more that 30 hours of use per week, direct driven pumps are more commonly used. The pump is directly coupled to the engine or motor causing the pump to spin twice as fast as the belt drive models. Although these models are not recommended for heavy, consistent usage they are a lower cost alternative to more expensive, belt driven models.

cleaning washing Government Schools, Hospitals, Military, Government Agencies, DPW, Parks & Recreation

What is more important, Pressure (PSI) or Flow (GPM)?

When purchasing a pressure washer you should consider both the p.s.i. and g.p.m. of the machine. The p.s.i. or pounds per square inch, delivers the “punch” to a washing application and forces the contaminants from the surface. The g.p.m. or gallons per minute will flush the contaminants from the service. Choosing the right combination of p.s.i. and g.p.m. is the key to purchasing the ideal pressure washing system for your cleaning needs.

heavy duty equipment Hydro Tek pressure washing machines phoenix

Why do I need to worry about recycling water from my pressure washer?

First, it is the right thing to do. Protecting the environment is critical to us all. By keeping the earth clean we all benefit by having a better place to live and we leave are children with a better place.

Second, in more and more areas it is becoming the law. Legislation prohibiting contaminated water runoff is on the rise and in order to avoid very hefty fines you must have a plan for containing and disposing of your dirty water.

HydroTek Phoenix Distributor has a full line of water recovery, filtration and recycling products.

water vacuum industrial

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