Custom Pressure Washers

Custom Pressure Washers, Hot water pressure washers, cold water pressure washers, direct drive, gear drive, electric, gas and diesel, custom pressure washers, pumps, parts and accessories all available at PSI. 
We have personalized attention that you will not find any where else.
With Pressure Cleaners, there is no thing as one size fits all.  While there are a wide variety of cleaning products to designed to treat nearly any cleaning project successfully.  Deployment of not only Pressure but also Volume contribute to the impact for a particular job requirement.  When you add the coefficient of HEAT the most stubborn of jobs can be handled efficiently.  What makes a difference is how a Dealer in this style of equipment treats the problems and approaches it as well with the solutions for the customer.
Cleaning equipment can be a cutthroat business especially when there are high concentrations of competing dealers, Catalog sales and of course the Internet.  The dealers EDGE can often be cultivated from a combination of factors, to include hands on knowledge with pertinent information on hand from the very beginning.  By establishing a trusted environment with confidence, sincerity and knowledge.
You the dealer will be successful by providing the client with the correct information for his needs, based on technology and engineering facts.  Being prepared puts you one rung higher up the competitive  ladder.  There is a new breed of consumer out there that demands far more than ever… Bill Sommers President at PSI and MistAir.
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H2O Hydraulic
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 We manufacture also Custom Pressure Washers
Pressure Washer & cleaning equipment

Pressure Washer & Custom Cleaning Equipment

Waste Management custom water equipment and pressure washers

Waste Management Custom Water Equipment & Pressure Washers


pressure washer Industrial

Pressure Washer Industrial

Misting Systems and pressure washers

Misting Systems and pressure washers


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