If you have any questions regarding pressure washers, you can always call us.

We provide advice at no cost, Yes it is FREE! and you will always speak with a person who knows about pressure washers, because that is what we do since 1965 for three generations!

Bill Sommers President at Pressure Systems

Bill Sommers

Chris Sommers VP Pressure Systems

Chris Sommers

Roger Russell General Manager at Pressure Systems

Roger Russell






Richard Crew Manager at Pressure Systems







You can always count on our personalized customer service.

Contact us, we will gladly help you find the perfect pressure washer for your needs.

Is your pressure washer failing? Do you want to know if it is worth to repair?

Are you looking for a part and you are not sure what to buy?

Come over we are close to you, here in Phoenix or call us, we can help and most likely we will have the part in stock or the fastest most clever solution to your problem.

Contact us by calling:

800.264.6417 (toll-free)

602.253.9579 (local)
602.253.6248 (fax)

or contact us by email… if you need to send a photo or blueprints.

At Pressure Systems you have friends, we do not have sales people at all!

Did you know that at PSI, non of our technicians or personnel work on commission like at the rest of the shops or online, we pass you the right price without adding the commission for the the middle man or website rates.


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You are always welcomed to stop by and have some coffee while we take care of your problem.


Customer Service is priority because is we do not know what you need, we will not be able to help you.


1646 E. Jefferson Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85034
(NW corner at 17th Street)

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Reasons why you should contact PSI:

  1. Product Quality:  Our companies only sell Items that have been thoroughly tested in the field
  2. Availability:  With only a few exceptions, the items to provide quick answers for your needs are in stock
  3. Delivery:  You come here – We deliver within 24 hours – Standard shipping options of course
  4. Product pricing:  Pricing is determined by the manufacturer and their recommendations.  Quantity of course and loyalty, recognizes discounts.
  5. Information:  Available on web site and in available catalogues
  6. Representation:  Visits to your location is what we pride ourselves in to facilitate answers to your questions
  7. Experience:  50 years in the business.  Need we say more
  8. Selection:  We have a wide selection with the correct products to make your problem go away with alacrity
  9. Online:  Accessibility to reach the area of your concerns.  any confusion means Just Call for an intrepid answer
  10. SERVICE:  That is our forte’  We take PRIDE in the satisfaction of our customers

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