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Working with water systems since 1965

Expert technicians at Pressure Systems made this Kohler Command Pro38 6 gun Boogie Machine. 525 Gallon water tank, 10 GPM, 6 rails, gauge on each rail, release level for each hose and filtration system.

Water@work and more…


Phoenix largest distributor of pressure washers, power washers, washers, cleaning equipment, pumps, motors, service, parts and manufactures of custom water systems since 1965.

With three generations of Sommers working with #water products, we can warranty that we can get you exactly the product you will need to complete the job you have in mind.

We specialize on building one of a kind water systems, engineering, product development water treatment, industrial reclamation, washers, bio chemical waste water, re-use of water, sewer jetters, trailers, water recycle, dedusting systems and top secret projects.


Celebrating 50 years of experience, we have put together an authority site for water @ work, water products and water equipment. If you cannot find an specific information for what you are looking for on this site, you can always contact us via phone or email.

If you are in the Phoenix area, stop by and we will be happy to go over your project.
Bill Sommer has been part of developing military products, water waste treatment equipment, water reclaim custom machines and some other cleaning machinery and cooling devices that have made history within the industry. Do you know that PSI is pioneer on misting systems?

Many places have come and gone in the Valley of the Sun, but PSI is here to stay due to their dedication, honesty, commitment and personnel.

List of All Pressure Washer Manufacturers

3.1How to Choose the Right Equipment for the Job
Part 1-

Choosing The Right Equipment For The Job

(The Important Questions)
Part 2-

How To Choose The Correct Pressure Washer For Your Needs

Understanding- Pressure, Volume, Temperature, & Chemicals

3.2Helpful Articles
A- WARNING: About Waste Water Disposal – Don’t Get Caught & Fined By The Revenue PoliceB- NOZZLES: Nothing works correctly without the right nozzle – NOTHING!C- The 5 Ways To Get Chemicals Onto Any SurfaceD- Hard Surface Cleaning Made EasyE- How Water Conditioning & Water Softening Can Save & Make You Money3.3Starting A Pressure Washer Business
Starting From Scratch / 41 Proven And Profitable Markets


4000 psi 8 gpm diesel fired all stainless steel pressure washer

power washer portable

Phoenix Pressure washer power washer portable AHS330-SSQC

3.0 Pressure Washer We sell, service and maintain all these national brands of pressure washer systems.Our Top Selling Pressure Washer Brands Are:  Hydro Tek, H2O Hydraulic, Alkota, , Jenny products, Pressure Pro.Our Top Selling Pump Brands Are: A R NorthAmerica, Arimitsu pumps, Cat pumps, Comet USA, General Pump, Giant Industries, Udor.  


3.1 Part 1 How to Choose the Right Equipment for the Job (The Important Questions)

Probably one of the most interesting aspects of the pressure washer cleaning equipment field is finding out from the customer what his requirements are.

Initially on new equipment purchases, they have a vague idea.
So then it becomes our job through expeditious questions to nail it down.

Number one is:
What is the cleaning task you want this equipment to do?

Number two:
Do you want portable or stationary and is it going to be electric motor or gas engine powered?

Number three:
On heated equipment will we be burning diesel fuel, natural gas, propane or all electric?

Number four:
When electrically driven we absolutely have to know what’s available in voltage and amperage, no guessing allowed.

Number five:
What cleaning chemicals will enhance the cleaning process and by what method they will need to be applied.

Number six:
What accessories go along with the cleaning chore and can be utilized to speed up the process, by getting the cleanest clean available additionally helping in the ergonomics of operation.

Number seven:
When contracting to perform a cleaning task for money, “How much do you charge”?


Call us – we’ve helped thousands of folks get started or expand their pressure washing business.

Our 50 years of experience and handling all the top companies in the industry gives you the most profitable options.

Don’t let a dealer just sell you want they have on hand, or the 1-2 lines they Carry – make sure you get the right equipment for your situation… Your bottom line depends on it.


Part 2- How to choose the correct pressure washer for your needs.
Understanding Pressure, Volume, Temperature, chemicals

With the many aspects to pressure cleaning, finding the right tool to do the job will save effort and dollars. Considerations must be given towards the specific problem you want to cure and also to the arena of clean that you want to accomplish.

The following criteria should help and these are the ingredients…


It always takes less pressure utilizing Hot Water versus using cold water.

This will also mean a cleaner object in less time.
By using the correct nozzle size with correct pattern you can vary pressures and volumes from most machines without damaging what you are cleaning

A. 1000 p.s.i. Vehicles, houses, even horses
B. 2000 p.s.i. 18 wheelers, concrete, engines, fork-lifts
C. 3000 p.s.i. This has become standard for contractors, Municipalities, Construction equipment, & Hard surface Flat Work
D. 4000 p.s.i. Gives more of a chisel effect for removal of stubborn deposits. Can damage items if not properly trained in usage
E. 5000 p.s.i. & up Specialty cleaning and used as a tool.

All applications can be discussed with P.S.I.
For their recommendations. JUST CALL!



The most misunderstood concept is that pressure dictates cleaning. NOT SO.

Volume provides the IMPACT and speeds up the cleaning process.
Company’s that make a living by pressure washing are purchasing high volume Equipment….

A. 2 g.p.m. Household use
B. 3 g.p.m. Auto detailing and low water areas
C. 4 g.p.m. Truck washing and some surface cleaning
D. 5 g.p.m. Most popular for every thing
E. 6 g.p.m. & above industrial and contract cleaning



The hotter the better to a point. Old fashioned steam cleaners operated @ 325 degrees and cleaned every thing extremely well. They are still used today for different processes……

A. 140 degrees Vehicles
B. 180 degrees Multi-purpose
C. 200 to 225 degrees The best for all around. Not all burner/coil systems heat equally or are engineered to do so.

We can check your temperature @ P.S.I. And find out if your machine is sick.
You need an exit gauge to keep them honest.



This opens up the biggest can of worms in the cleaning industry .

There are normally four methods of applying chemicals. The least costly fastest and best is sending the chemical through the pump under high pressure and heated.

Currently the most common is utilizing a low pressure down stream injection Manufacturers and chemical company’s love this method. It would take a couple of more paragraphs to explain this style , so call or just come by.

Application with a hand sprayer is often utilized for direct application depending on strength and compatibility for the job on hand. When choosing the correct chemical many times it requires special knowledge to do it right.

By testing of product and dilution ratio will provide the information on how much does it cost per square foot of per individual task.

PSI can get you leaning in the write direction through our
40 years of experience – eliminating guess work.
Just give us a call.

Call 602-253-9579

3.2 Helpful Articles

A-WARNING! About Your waste water disposal – Don’t get caught & Fined by the Revenue Police

You CANNOT- Send waste water down the STORM DRAIN!
Hazardous materials down any drain,
Have it soak into the ground.

The laws are on the books and sooner then someday the “Revenue Police” will be finding and fining dumpers to the tune of $5,000 per occurrence to support our State and Federal budget shortfalls

Fines will probably be more than the value of the equipment, if its like OSHA.

Being on the Board of Directors of C.E.T.A. (Cleaning Equipment Trade Association) We have first hand knowledge of the ‘Whys” and “there-fores” … That will be happening by the “Storm drain revenue Troopers” to create new income streams to support our local and state government budget shortfalls.

Ask Us @ PSI how to prevent this from happening to you… And become compliant with cost effective methods of “Going Green with your waste stream.”

Waste Water Recovery For Processing

Clean and capture begin at PSI in 1996 by utilizing a proprietary design that vacuumed up the water from the hard surface spinner cover and transferred it, to be properly disposed of.

Since those beginnings many means of capturing waste water have been developed.

Pressure systems has been involved since the inception or re-use of cast off water.

Whether all that is required is to meet the mandated T.L.C.P. Down the drain test, or becoming more finite in the desired quality of the water… We were the company that will train in what can and cannot go down the drain.

B – NOZZLES Nothing works correctly without the right nozzle – NOTHING!

Just like real life you have to size things up to get the results expected. There are different qualities in spray nozzles along with various manufacturers.

A. Where one type of nozzle will allow you to finish a job in 60 minutes the better manufactured nozzle will accomplish this in 50 minutes. Time is money… Do the math.

B. There are different grades of stainless steel, some last longer. There is also hardened stainless for best impingement, impact and longevity. Finally for extreme duty we have the new ceramic insert nozzle.

C. Nozzle sizing is important for you to get the most bang for your buck. Incorrect sizing and spray angle will cost you time / money. Your machine will not operate at peak performance called wire draw.

D. Nozzles do wear out through a process just like changing oil in an engine, periodically you need to change the nozzle depending on quality.

E. Specialty nozzles are available to do a variety of chores. Just like the standard nozzle they come in various stages of quality. After years of R & D, we know and stock the best. Competitive low quality pricing is available and in stock also.

F. Example scenarios
(1) Your homeowner with a box pressure washer. He enjoys the time it takes to clean his patio and really dosen’t care about the time period. This customer can use the low price nozzle and be happy.
(2) You have contracted a job for a set amount of money. It takes 5 or 6 hours instead of the estimated 4 hours. This hurts the pocketbook plus dosen’t allow for a second job in the same day.





Nozzles and equipment sized for the job at hand and kept in good operational mode will make you money. No doubt about it.

C – The 5 Ways to Get Chemicals Onto Any surface

There are five means of Applying chemicals onto the surface to be cleaned.

  1. The old mop and bucket system
  2. Dispensing pump from tank through a trigger wand
  3. Low pressure downstream
  4. High pressure through inlet of pump on a pressure washer
  5. Pump up or air charged containers

Ask PSI What method and which chemicals will do the job right, there;s NO reason to waste time & money on your cleaning surface Quest.

Soda Blasting is a means of removing surface material without damaging the object being cleaned.

Utilising your pressure washer as the “Force & Sucking Up the Media” into the blasting head – you can take graffiti off brick, all the way to hard scale from swimming pools and fountains.

Give us a call, give it a try, another Revenue Generator from PSI.

D- Hard Surface Cleaning Made Easy

There are many different Styles of Surface Cleaning Spinner Covers

All manufacturers say their’s are the best – even thought we know that is impossible.

The first consideration is:
What gallons per minute is your pressure washer? Ideally a minimum of 4GPM because you split the water into 2 or 3 nozzle arms that should travel at 2000 rpm.

The more water volume the larger in diameter is the cleaning path.

The best working pressure is between 3000 and 3500 PSI

The reasoning is that any pressure higher than 3500 delivers a smaller water droplet and less impact on the surface.

Cost of the materials utilised by the manufacturer determines the reliability you want.

You can purchase a cheap swivel or a H.D. Long lasting swivel that is repairable.

The cover material can be light weight plastic for roof and mold cleaning, or heavy duty light weight aluminium, stainless steal is stronger but, weighs more.

The secret is optimising those ingredients to suit the situational cleaning you want to accomplish.

So Get it up & clean it up the knowledge is at PSI.

E – How Water Conditioning & Water Softening Can Save & Make you Money

Having a hard time today? Soft may be the answer
What ever you call it this process makes your job easier & quicker.

Plus the benefits evolved include monetary payoff of a system through less chemicals to do the same,

Plus your operating equipment lasts longer with less maintenance.

Standard zeolite softeners
Potassium Non Salt Units
Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)
De-Ionisation (D.I.)
Multi-filter Beds and Sediment Filtration

Make it softer on your wallet, Call PSI

Hard Surface cleaning with a spinner cover is a specialty at PSI.

Our choices embodies all types of surfaces.
From cobble stone, to concrete, to roofs – the correct equipment helps speed up the job.

Of super importance on pricing is the 2000 RPM rotating union.

Clean & Capture is a saying about water containment initially engineered at PSI.

There are many materials available from vacuum systems to pump out systems, along with berms and mats.

Starting From Scratch / 41 Proven and Profitable Markets

3.3 Starting a Pressure Washing Business

Are you thinking of starting a small pressure washer business to help clean up the world and make a little money?

You might be surprised how many mobile pressure washer companies there are in the United States; approximately 45,000 of them. And since God made dirt on the Third Day; Genesis 1:9-1:12.

Obviously since God created the dirt it keeps getting all over everything and thus a business was born.

Starting a Mobile Pressure Washing Business is not as difficult as you think. It is important to decide what types of things you would like to wash and specialize in a few.

Here is a list of potential items to wash, think about it. What do you want to wash today?

1. Antique, classic cars
2. Automobile dealerships
3. Auto detailing
4. Airport runways
5. Amusement parks
6. Awnings
7. Block walls
8. Camping grounds
9. Cemetery headstones
10. Concrete
11. Detailing
12. Docks and boat slips
13. Dog runs
14. Drive-thrus
15. Driveways
16. Farming equipment
17. Fire damage
18. Graffiti removal
19. Gutters
20. Historical buildings
21. Hoods, restaurants
22. Horse stables
23. House prepping
24. Industrial machinery
25. Kitchens
26. Mobile homes
27. Paint prepping
28. Paint removal
29. Parking garages
30. Pavement sealers
31. Pool decks
32. Port-a-potties
33. Restaurants
34. Sandblasting
35. Service stations
36. Shopping carts
37. Stadiums
38. Store fronts
39. Swimming pools
40. Tennis courts
41. Window washing

Need more information or would like charts or pdf files with more knowledge?

Bill Sommers


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